About Us

Welcome to Muskoka Twig!


 FullSizeRenderThank you for choosing us to help you celebrate with a keepsake made just for you!

We lovingly hand paint our work, and they are all fully framed with a rustic feel complete with full hardware –  making them ready to hang on your wall!

We simply wish to help people capture the essence of their memories by bringing them to life in art.

 Kelly & Carlos Burmeister


Our Studio in Port Sydney, Muskoka

We have a studio in ‘downtown’ Port Sydney. (don’t blink…)

It is usually open most Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays during spring & summer when Kelly isn’t at market (Gravenhurst on Wednesdays & Rosseau on Fridays).

We work all year round so if you are looking for something in particular…drop us a line or email us & we would love to work with you to something Fun for you!

Home Studio: 705. 385-9401
Kelly’s Cell: 705. 783-6429

Studio Address
646 Muskoka Road 10
Port Sydney, Ontario
P0B 1L0

Email: kelly.burmeister@gmail.com
Twitter: @MuskokaTwig
Instagram: Muskoka Twig
Pinterest: Muskoka Twig

Esty Shop: Muskoka Twig …on hold for the time – too busy painting 🙂
Website: MuskokaTwig.com

How it all began…

Customers have often asked me how I started painting crosswords.   After I explain it to them, they tell me I should share it!

Muskoka Twig began with a very big disagreement… I mean “husband asleep try not to smother with a pillow” kind of disagreement. Truly, I cannot even remember what the fight was about, just that even after we mostly worked it out and he was sound asleep (it was after midnight after all), I was still over the top angry.

As a creative person, my outlet has always been drawing, painting or artful somehow. With the adrenaline rushing through my body I knew that I couldn’t stay in bed, and it was too dark to go for a walk, so off to my studio I went.

I had a large board that was not only primed, but already had a background colour painted on it. I was seeking to do something fabulous on it for the last six months or so, but the inspiration just hadn’t struck me. I sat down on my chair and stared at the large table in front of me.

I had a thought, if my sleeping husband is over it, why am I still so mad?

Why do I love this man? Why do I stay here in this crazy house, in this crazy relationship? So, to answer my own questions, I started penciling words on the painted board. Words that meant something to us, the important things mostly, places we’ve been, adventures, kid’s first words, songs sung, dates celebrated, and so on. By morning I had a crossword painting that, even though it wasn’t finished, was infused with my own raw emotions.

It symbolized our life together. Us. I fell in love all over again.

Friends who saw it wanted their own versions, and it grew, and grew, till I was painting them for others, like you, instead of just friends.   Many have become both.  So, there it is… still happily married, with a beautiful family and wonderful Customers who continue to support, inspire, entertain and encourage. Thank you to you all.

xo Kelly