Select the Style – Collect & Email words – Approve the Proof

Crossword paintings incorporate special words unique to you into meaningful shapes or filled with something fun in the middle!  There are many different ideas on this website – explore, & find something that suits you… or email us & we can do ‘your thing’ with your words!  

SO many choices!! You have to pick the perfect thing for you!

We do the following sizes:

  • 9 1/2″x 9 1/2″              $ 75-85
  • 12″x 24″                        $180
  • 16″x 24″                        $280
  • 16″x 16″                        $100 – $ 180
  • 24″x 24″                       $200 – $280
  • 24″x 30″                       $300
  • 16″x 4′                           $400

The number of words is dictated by the shape, or design & size of the painting.

Once the shape & size is decided upon, getting to the words can be a great and enjoyable process!  We always tell people, who, what, where, when & why to get you started… and once you have established a ‘starter list’, it becomes hard to stop!

If for some reason, you can’t come up with all the words you need, help is around the corner.   If you don’t know the bride & groom all that well, we have a ton of love words that will fill in those gaps.  (& same fro cottage, anniversary, golf etc.)   Just email us if you need some fill ins – we are happy to help!