Celebrate a life lived.

There are so many ways to remember someone special.  We work with you to make sure that the crossword chosen reflects your needs and is a real reminder of a loved one.

Due to the personal nature of these – we do not have many to show you.    Most paintings are kept privately therefore we have only a few examples.  We have had people give permission to share these paintings  with you. These are a personal refection of a loves one’s life, and we do anything you ask for. Many are done with something different – either an item in the middle that reflects the loved one or a specific shape that means the most to the family or friend.  Words surrounding 5 little hearts in a row symbolizing family members or a big bear (as it was a nickname) are just a couple that touched our hearts.  It is truly an honour to do this for you.


Heart Surrounded

Heart Surrounded

Size: 16″x 16″
Background: Antique Cream
Wooden Heart Surrounded by Names
Words: 60-70


Duelling Moose

Duelling Moose

Size: 16″x 4′
Background: Cream
Lots of Words to use.
Words: 125-140