Celebrate YOU.

Celebrations bring people together! Family time at the cottage, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and many other occasions. Our crossword paintings incorporate the words and shapes which are special, unique, and meaningful to you. Select or dream up a shape, then provide a list of words personal to you. We’ll then combine these elements, by hand, building the frames and painting the letters, to complete a keepsake perfect for you or your desired. Capture the essence of your memories and bring them to life in art!

we are now booking into 2018!

Thanks to all my customers who have ordered & bought from me this year!  I have now closed my custom order queue (its full!) but can still do something for you from my show paintings (ones I take to shows have lots of words & some gaps – I fill those gaps in with your words to complete it) so if you have a theme or would like to ask what I have – call my studio & I’ll do my best to get you something for Christmas 2017!

Declare the place or space which is distinct to you… that home away from home, whether a cabin, chalet, or camp, where you and your loved ones share memories to last a lifetime.  Whether it’s your words in a meaningful shape, or all around a shape, article, or tags… it’ll embody you. We’ll show you how!


Children, Cousins, Parents, Grandparents, and that odd Uncle Joe, or strange Aunt Sally, form the characters that are your family. Capture their spirit visually in a family tree!  Fun for everyone and great as a guest book at cottages and weddings, to have your guests sign the branches. We’ll make it special for you!


Celebrate a bride and groom through a crossword painting with words, which makes them… them. Family names, friends’ names, phrases, lyrics, lines, etc.  Hearts are popular, or a shape personal to the newly wedded or rejoiced couple. Let’s get you started!


Other events like birthdays, graduations, new baby, memorials, or simply something unique to celebrate what’s important to you or those around you, like sports or thank you’s… the possibilities seem limitless.  Let us show you how to realize a keepsake and make that emotional connection with those you love.