Words mean everything.

Make it a pART of you.

Want Totally Custom? WE DO THAT!

Whats up now?!?

Self Isolation!!  Yep - thats what we are doing and hope you are doing the same... The cancellation of the Spring Cottage Life show brings us here at Muskoka Twig - lots of time to work on our customer's orders and Lots of time to get things organized for when the world returns to our productive, inspired creative selves!

In the meantime - I have LOTS of stock and will start posting specials both here and on my Instagram account!  Check out MuskokaTwig on Instagram! 

Stay tuned...

What we do.

Celebrations bring people together! Family time at the cottage, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and many other occasions. Our crossword paintings incorporate the words and shapes which are special, unique, and meaningful to you. Select or dream up a shape, then provide a list of words personal to you. We’ll then combine these elements, by hand, building the frames and painting the letters, to complete a keepsake perfect for you or your desired. Capture the essence of your memories and bring them to life in art!