Memories can be Everything.

Your Story. Your Art

Let's Make YOUR STORY viewable everyday.

Studio news...

These last few years have been tough ones for all of us. Now we go forward with the hope, the healing and the anticipation of our collective futures - attempting to reach out to capture those joyful moments.

Painting is one of the ways I do that.

I am thankful to be able to share your happy memories with you again. I will be back full time in studio starting the beginning of May. I already have painting orders to fill and am looking forward to the upcoming busy summer season.

Thank you to all my customers for all the lovely emails, thoughtful words, and sweet supportive texts. You can find Muskoka Twig at both the Gravenhurst and Rosseau Markets this summer.

Drop by. Say Hello.

It will be nice to see you all again.

xo Kelly

Celebrating You.

Excited about the future?

or remembering the past?

We help with both so you can live the present.

Celebrations bring people together! Family time at the cottage, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and many other occasions. Our paintings incorporate the words and images which are special, unique, and meaningful to you.

We’ll then combine these elements, by hand, building the frames and painting the letters, to complete a keepsake perfect for you or someone you love.

Your memories. Your story. Your Art.