F.A.Q. & Tips

Questions need answers!  

Here are some frequently asked questions that hopefully we can answer for you!  If you still need a little help - we are more than happy to answer your questions -just give us a call :)



  1. How long does the whole process take?  We work hard to make sure you have it when you need it.  It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get them done & back to you after we get the words.... that said - when the orders come in & we are busy like Pre Christmas or the summer months - it can take a little longer :)
  2. Why are the backgrounds different colours in the pictures?  We have taken hundreds of photos and sometimes the light is very different which makes the cream look everything from white to yellowish.  But don't worry - we use a beautiful creme brûlée colour.
  3. What counts as a word?  By this question we mean - does skinny dipping count as one word? We say yes. You can do a few doubles or even triples (like I LOVE YOU) but try to keep mostly singles in the there too - we use those to fill in the sideways gaps.
  4. What colours can we do the chairs or the other items?  we have lots of colours to choose from - see the top of the Home page for Colour choices for lots of different things!
  5. Why do we ask for type of animals?  we like to do little paw prints of the animal so it makes them seem more important! ... a dog print & an iguana print are so very different!
  6. What size should we choose for our lake/island/bike?  The size/shape of the item sometimes requires a certain size/shape of board.  If you don't see what you want - just email us :)
  7. Why should we let you know which are siblings?  Well... we are parents too and we know from experience that Jane sure doesn't like Johhny's name larger than hers :)
  8. Why are there more words on some than others?  Each style has been done with words in mind... some take more due to the shape or style of the actual design.
  9. We want to do our boat/jeep/house/cottage - is that possible?  Yes!! definitely yes! Just send us a picture/blueprint/model number to help us with the design.
  10. What colours do you paint the words in?  usually we use a brown/black colour on the cream or antique cream and we usually use white on the grey.  We find these are the clearest.  If you want to make something stand out - we can do that in a colour of your choice.